Information to Include in Steel Pipe Quote Requests

Déc 2019

If you are starting a new project, providing the right information in a steel pipe quote request is important as it’s the best way to ensure a timely and accurate responses from pipe suppliers. Here is a list of information to include in steel pipe quote requests:

1. Pipe dimensions – The outside diameter of the pipe, wall thickness, and total footage you require is the most important information! This will allow a company or sales rep to check right away if they have this material in stock or if it is something they can source for you.

2. Length requirements – Do you need all the pipe to be the exact same length, or will a range of lengths suffice? This information will help the pipe supplier or sales rep know if any fabrication must be done to the material to meet your order.

3. Pipe Grade – Some distributors may sell one grade more than others but can source a different grade if required. Letting the sales rep know which grade you need can help them determine if they can fill your order through their inventory or if they need to go to an outside source.

4. Location – Where do you need this material to be shipped? This information helps the sales rep determine freight costs and from which of their locations to source the material.

5. Timeline – Do you need this material quickly, or not for a few months? This could make a big difference in the availability and price of the material.

6. Customizations – Inform the pipe supplier of any other pipe specifications such as whether you need the pipe coated or bare, spiral weld or straight seam, or require a beveled or square end. Providing this information ensures that you receive exactly what you need.

Listing all of this information in your request will help a steel pipe supplier put together a timely and competitive quote for your project. If you have a project that requires quoting, Titan Tube + Metal can help! Email us at or call us at 1-866-496-8344.

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