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Ways to Customize Your Steel Pipe Order

There are many ways to customize your steel pipe order to meet specific project specifications. Below we have discussed some of the most popular methods of customizing your steel pipe order. Cutting (Oxy Fuel Torch Cuts) This is one of the most common types of...

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Types of Steel Pipe Coating

In this post we will review the description, features and uses of various types of steel pipe coatings. We will end the post by reviewing the features, applications and popularity of bare pipe (pipe without coating). HPPC- High Performance Powder Coating This coating...

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Applications of Steel Pipe

There are many applications of steel pipe. Chances are you’ve come across steel pipe in your everyday life but just haven’t noticed it. Steel pipe is used in many different applications including piling, road boring, caisson, landrolling, and structures. In this post...

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Steel Pipe Grades – What are they used for?

Have you ever looked to purchase steel pipe but you didn’t know which grade was best for your project? Below we discuss the differences between A252, A500, A53, and A589 grades of steel pipe and highlight their main uses. A252 The A252 grade specification governs...

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Impact of Steel Tariffs on Pipe Exports

Implementing steel tariffs was not an arbitrary decision made by the President of the United States. The decision was in response to disruptions in the steel market over the course of a few years. Generally speaking, the steel industry is known for being cyclical in...

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